Harry Rosin

Harry Rosin

“Art is produced by conceiving a work in a plastic manner. If a sculpture is made with consideration for its entity as a form, harmonious disposition of its masses, awareness of such things as density and impact, and these things put first, then the result will be in the direction toward Art, whether the subject is treated representationally or in the abstract.” – Harry Rosin


“It’s going to be awfully lonesome around here without him.” – George Lair, Rosin Memorial, New Hope, 1973


Harry Rosin – sculptor, teacher, and father – was easily one of Pennsylvania’s finest artists. A member of the New Hope art colony, Rosin defied convention, utilizing numerous different artistic techniques, often inspired by his close friends and neighbors. He was, truly, an expert sculptor, and earned both fame and his living through his amazing ability to instill in his busts and sculptures the spirit and character of his subjects. But along with his more realistically-grounded work, he was a student of the abstract. His paintings were clearly influenced by the school of Bucks County Impressionists in New Hope, and though he never considered himself much of a painter, his work nonetheless shows an immense appreciation and love of impressionism.

Rosin left a lasting mark on Philadelphia, providing the city with some of its most notable public sculptures. Among his most famous pieces are the Quaker and Puritan installed at the Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial, the sculpture of rower and gold-medalist Jack Kelly in Fairmont Park, and the statue of ‘Mr. Baseball,’ Connie Mack, which currently stands on Citizens Bank Way.

This biographical site was sponsored by Victoria Bieber, his daughter, in memory of her father. We invite everyone to explore Rosin’s artwork and read about his extraordinary life and career. Rosin, ever the pragmatist, also sold many of his works and we have absolutely no idea where some of his pieces even ended up. If you suspect you might have a Rosin, or have any questions, please contact us here.

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